Queen's Economic Forum


Pushing Economics Forward

The Queen’s Economic Forum is an organization that consistently runs conferences throughout the academic year. Its primary goal is to provide first-hand professional opportunities and experiences for students at Queen’s.

As Canada’s only undergraduate conference focused solely on economics and digital information, Economics in the Digital Age (EDA) allows students to enhance their understanding of economics’ role in ‘Big Data’. At EDA, Canada’s top undergraduate students will have oportunities to utilize their quantitive, qualitative and analytical abilities when confronted by workshops, dynamic simulations and a case competition. This three day conference will act as a platform for students to collaborate in an academic and competitive playground.

Queen’s Women in Economics (QWE) is a conference that highlights the accomplishments of women in economics and related fields. A major problem in the field of economics today is that very few women choose to progress in the field at the post-undergraduate level. The global decline of women in economics is not exogenous, but is influenced by systematic problems such as the gender wage gap, workplace violence, harassment, discrimination, and a striking lack of representation encouraging self-selection out of the field.