January 19th

Wallace Hall


The Queen’s Economic Affairs Society is thrilled to announce Queen’s Women in Economics, an annual conference highlighting the accomplishments of women in economics and related fields.

Despite the fact that there are many positives to a professional career in economics, very few women choose to progress in field post-undergrad. The global decline of women in economics is not exogenous, but is influenced by systematic problems such as the gender wage gap, workplace violence, harassment, discrimination, and a striking lack of representation encouraging self-selection out of the field.

Queen’s Women in Economics(QWE) will be a one day conference featuring a series of accomplished speakers, panel discussions, catered networking sessions, and an interactive case study. QWE aims to provide delegates with a unique opportunity to learn more about the variety of engaging career opportunities the field of economics has to offer by providing delegates a platform to interact with a diverse group of highly accomplished women to facilitate an open-minded discussion about the challenges women in the field of economics face from undergrad onwards.

Past Speakers

Shari Hughson

Director of Management
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Smith School of Business Queen’s University

Shari graduated from Queen’s University in 1986, receiving First Class Honours in her Bachelor of Nursing Science. Shari worked as a R.N until her passion for the care of her patients led her to creating ‘We Care Home Health Services’ in 1996, which went on to make one million dollars in revenue in its first year of operation.

Shari sold her business in 1996 and completed her MBA at the University of Calgary in 1998, after which she founded Hughson Consulting. Her path as consultant led her down numerous roads yet success followed her every step. She took on numerous projects, notably serving as Director and Partner at the CBI Health Group, to working as a Social Innovator for the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation in British Columbia. Shari has been an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, environmentalist, philanthropist and so much more.

Both the Queen’s Economics Affairs Society and the Queen’s University Economics Department Student Council are proud to have Shari speaking at Queen’s Women in Economics, and look forward to learning her from her unique path.

YanLing Wang

Trade Economist
Carleton University

Yanling Wang is a Full Professor of Economics at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Carleton University and has served in many prestigious roles such as the President for Canadian Women Economists Network (CWEN), and the President for the Chinese Economists Society (CES).

Before Yanling began her path to becoming an educator in 2008, she worked as a consultant at the World Bank from 2001 to 2003, and had roles in statistical research in the State Economic & Trade Commission, P.R. China from 1995 to 1997 and as a Research Fellow at Statistics Canada from 2006 until 2010.

Her field of research lies in the empirical issues related to international trade and foreign direct investment, such as knowledge spillovers from FDI and trade. Her research has appeared in many esteemed journals such as Canadian Journal of Economics, International Journal of the Economics of Business, Journal of Development Studies, naming only a few.

We are proud to welcome Professor Wang as a speaker to QWE and are excited to learn from her amazing accomplishments.

Judith Dalton

Investment Advisor at TD Wealth

With over 20 years experience in Financial Services and Capital Markets, Judi brings a wealth of experience to help her clients achieve their goals. Judi provides a full range of wealth management services to her clients. Her solutions include investment management, wealth protection, education savings strategies, estate planning, charitable giving and tax planning. As a Certified Retirement Specialist, Judi helps her clients set goals, create a retirement plan and build a retirement pay-cheque.

Using a goals-based approach, Judi works closely with families, business owners, and professionals to help them stay on track. Judi has proven to be effective in helping women navigate through unexpected life transitions. Judi’s dedication to exceptional client service is the cornerstone of her business.

Judi graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial & Administrative Studies, she majored in Finance and Economics.

Judi is passionate about financial literacy and volunteers for Junior Achievement of Ontario; she also volunteers for several community-based environmental initiatives. Judi acted as a Zone Leader and Captain for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, served on the Board of Directors for the Lake Joseph Yacht Club, and is an active member of Women in Capital Markets, serving on their Board of Directors for four years and as President in 2001-2002.