Queen’s Economics Society

 a platform that creates a community for students who are interested in economics – through providing extracurricular opportunities such as conferences and alumni guest lectures, the society can provide learning opportunities for students that were previously unattainable

Queen’s Economic Forum

Conferences held by the Queen’s Economic Affairs Society will fall under the Queen’s Economic Forum, a platform designed to showcase economic development in different industries across the world. The Queen’s Economic Forum is currently planning two conferences, Economics in the Digital Age and the Economics of Energy. These events are designed to show students upcoming trends in global and domestic markets through keynote speakers, workshops, case competitions and dynamic simulations.

Queen’s Economic Speaker Summit

Guest lectures held by Society will fall under the Queen’s Economic Speaker Summit, a platform designed to give professionals an opportunity to share their career experiences with students. The Speaker Summit will provide students a chance to explore and communicate with professionals from various economic fields. Look forward to our bi-weekly sessions in the Dunning Hall Conference Room.

Connecting the best of Queen’s University with industry professionals from across the globe

The Queen’s Economic Affairs Society prides itself on its ability to provide extracurricular opportunities for any Queen’s Student. Through participating in conferences and competitions hosted by the Queen’s Economic Forum, and attending the Society’s prestigious Speaker Series, students are able to engage with professionals working in a vast number of industries. Members of the Society are also encouraged to attend private networking events that are designed to help them find full time and part time employment opportunities after graduation.